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The Rundown: 3D Rendering & Animations

When it comes time to design your new home, commercial space, or business property, 3D Rendering & 3D Animations have hugely expanded the world of architectural design. Offering a whole new way to explore your vision inside and out, our 3D architectural renders and animations transform your design from a black and white set of plans to a hyper-realistic representation of your future build.

Capturing the smallest details with thoroughness and style, our 3D renders tell your story with craft and care, building a realistic picture to be explored, reimagined, and brought to life with ease. Here, we dig a little deeper into all things 3D architectural renders and animation, and how they can transform your design or marketing materials.

What is 3D Rendering?

In its most basic form, 3D rendering is the process of transforming information from a 3D model into a computer-generated 2D image. While this can be applied to a wide range of disciplines, for architectural designs this refers to building a photorealistic model of your designs, breathing life into your plans and creating an accurate, explorable image of the final build.

With a passion for design and a drive for accuracy and detail, Minimal Design offers 3D architectural renders on full projects, 3D floor plans, animations and virtual reality. It’s our goal to transform your design into an impressive architectural visualisation of your design, allowing you to see and explore your project before the build.

We begin by learning about your project – your intentions, timeline, floor plan and elevations, then provide a time and cost estimate. Camera angle, basic modeling and lighting are achieved, before vegetation and textures are added, followed by the final render and post-production.

3D Architectural Render - Weiti Bay, Auckland

What are the benefits of a 3D Architectural Render?

Whether you’re designing commercial properties, residentials, or property developments, 3D rendering allows you to see your plans as the final product before the build even begins. These 3D visualizations represent powerful assets for property development marketing and sales departments, enabling you to give consumers a realistic, aesthetic representation of their new home even in the early design stages.

Using high-level 3D rendering software, the best 3D architectural visualisations communicate critical information like depth and scale for a variety of stakeholders and viewers. Careful attention to detail combined with an aesthetically pleasing visual representation allow you to imagine your home or new build at its fullest potential, right down to the carefully crafted details.

3D Architectural Render - Stanmore bay, Auckland

Now, what exactly is 3D Video Animation?

Taking architectural rendering one step further, 3D video animation allows you to immerse yourself in the depths of your project in a whole new way. An efficient and valuable tool, 3D architectural animations and videos visualise your space for both personal and professional exploration. Offering invaluable insight into the design process, these animations bring your render to life and allow you to delve deeper into the details.

Architectural animations can also offer great value to your marketing strategy as a property developer or professional. Taking you on a virtual tour of your project, we put our years of architectural experience and attention to detail to work, collaborating with you to create a short film featuring your home, holiday house or commercial design. These online exhibits allow your clients and potential investors or homeowners to truly see, imagine, and understand the project, providing an invaluable glimpse into the final design.

The planning phase of an architecture project can be a long and confusing journey of endless emails, last-minute details, and delving so deep into the paperwork that you can’t see the forest for all the trees. Architectural animation allows you to remove the clutter, and visualise the bigger picture in a stunning design and with visual effects that capture even the smallest details.

Minimal Design | Archviz Showreel 2021

What are the benefits of 3D Video Animations?

Offering a thorough overview of the project's design, 3D architectural animation streamlines communication and often allows for quicker approval processes and development timelines. A video animation allows you to effectively walk through the entire design with detail and style, visualising the design better in a few seconds than static plans would ever allow. Take your building presentations to the next level, and allow key members of your team or clientele to truly get an accurate feel for the project and design.

Whether you’re building a new home or a commercial hub, a 3D animation has the added benefit of being easily adjusted and reimagined as necessary, quickly and efficiently. Renders, virtual tours, and 3D architectural designs can be sent anywhere in the world to clients, investors, and key stakeholders alike. This means informed decisions regarding key design changes can be made quickly, effectively, and with all parties involved.

With state-of-the-art technology, our architects can change key components like materials or cladding in the middle of the design phase without adding significant wait times and added time to render. Changes can be presented in record time, taking the lengthy timelines and red tape out of the equation and allowing for a much simpler, easier re-design process.

Minimal Design | Archviz Animation for Talima Estate, Wellington

3D Rendering & Animation in a Commercial Setting

Providing an interactive experience in close detail, 3D rendering & animation allows you and your clients to imagine and explore your potential commercial space in-depth and with photo-realistic detail. Whether designing a new warehouse, workshop and office space, or commercial development, transform your design into a visual animation that walks your investor, client, and key stakeholders through every step of the new space.

As experienced architects and 3D designers, we provide you with a streamlined process for designing and gaining consent for your new commercial development. With clear designs and rendering, our animations help to cut the red tape and shorten your timelines as efficiently as possible, with easily adjustable designs and accurate representations of how your commercial setting or development project will fit together in the final stages.

Minimal Design | Archviz 3D Animation for Commercial Project in cooperation with Cohesive Group

Residentials & 3D Rendering and Animation

With top-end technology and architecture design software, our 3D renders and animations allow you to visualise your new residential home right from the design and planning stages. Take a walk through your future kitchen, explore your lounge, bedrooms, bathrooms, and see how your new home comes together with clarity and detail. Whether you’re designing a home for yourself or on behalf of a client, our 3D renders are invaluable for putting yourself in the shoes of the new home buyer, allowing you to walk through the front door before it’s even off the page.

No matter your target audience, a 3D animation of your potential residential home is a powerful tool in terms of ‘selling the dream’ before it’s been built. With a 3D animation, you can work with your architect and designer to create a home that perfectly suits your needs, without any last minute surprises or readjustments that mean expensive changes or lengthened timelines.

We’ve rendered homes in Wānaka, off-grid houses, and an extensive range of modern residentials. Whether you’ve got a design in mind already or you’re starting from scratch, we’ve got years of architectural experience behind us to help you build your dream home. You can see a more extensive list of our previous residential projects here.

Minimal Design | In coopartion with OCO Architecture: Residential House in Auckland

Work with us

No matter the project, whether commercial or residential, property developments or tiny homes, we’re here to help. With a talented team of architects, designers and digital artists we can offer advanced 3D renders and video animations that will bring your project to life. For a more expansive view of what our 3D video animation can do, you can visit our Vimeo or YouTube channels for more insight into previous projects we’ve worked on.

Whether you’re looking for products and professionals or a project designer, we have a wealth of professionals on hand to bring you the best possible outcome for your design. Get in touch with the team today, and take the first step towards building your dream design.


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