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Tiny house design for minimal living

Due to its simple design, tiny homes are a quick and economical solution to the housing crisis affecting cities around the world. In New Zealand, the cost of building a tiny home is more than ten times cheaper than a regular house, much faster to construct and cost-efficient to run. 

When it comes to materials, we always recommend utilising nature’s best to ensure a healthy living environment, but our number one priority is always energy efficiency. Thoughtful design, quality materials and construction will enable a tiny home to retain heat for higher levels of comfort and lower heating bills.

As people attempt to lead more minimal lives, tiny homes intrinsically allow for this ‘less is more’ approach as the design forces you to declutter and only keep the essentials. Our team has designed stunning tiny homes as long-term housing solutions, holiday homes, short term or worker accommodation.

Take a look at our portfolio of tiny projects, then contact the team today to talk about your minimal house or holiday home.  

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