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3D Architectural Renders, Animation, 360° Virtual Tours

Servicing Wanaka, Queenstown and beyond.

Minimal Design architectural studio offers variety of services to bring your home, bach or business to life. Whether you’re looking to explore your vision inside and out or create stunning marketing material, our photo-realistic 3D architectural renders capture the crucial details and tell your design story with craft.

3D Architectural Renders


The best 3D architectural visualisations communicate critical information like depth and scale for a variety of stakeholders and viewers. As hyper realistic and aesthetically pleasing images, they also represent powerful assets for sales and marketing departments giving consumers a realistic image of their potential new home before it’s even been built.

Minimal Design offers 3D architectural renders of full projects, 3D floor plans, animation and virtual reality. We begin by learning about your project – your intentions, timeline, floor plan and elevations, then provide a time and cost estimate. Camera angle, basic modelling and lighting is achieved, before vegetation and textures are added, followed by the final render and post-production.

3D Video Animation


Architectural animation is an efficient and valuable tool in visualising spaces for both personal exploration of the project and for marketing purposes. It’s here we put our years of architectural experience and attention-to-detail to work, collaborating with you to create a short film featuring your home, holiday house or commercial design.

The planning phase of an architecture project can be long and confusing, with endless emails, details slipping through the cracks and the big picture being forgotten. Architectural animation lets us work together more efficiently.


By streamlining communication, 3D architectural animation hastens the time to process approvals and actually start building your home or commercial hub. Images can be sent anywhere in the world, and informed decisions regarding changes to the design can be made quickly with all parties involved.


With state-of-the-art technology, our architectural designers can change key components like materials or cladding in the middle of the design phase without it taking a week to render. Changes can be presented in record time, further cutting the time to construction.

Take a look at our Vimeo or YouTube channels for more projects brought to life through 3D video animation.

360° virtual reality tours


VR technology has so much potential for architectural designers. From initial design mock-ups, to project collaboration, through to the finishing touches that make a building design go from good to great, virtual reality possesses the capability to really sell an idea better than any other medium.

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